Dae Jang Geum is Watching (2018)

大長今正在看, 대장금이 보고 있다

Drama , Drama , Food , Korean | Episodes 12

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This drama follows the lives of 2 brothers and 1 sister who are huge fans of food. San Hae is the oldest sibling and has an excellent sense of taste. He works at a company and starts dating the rookie employee Bok Seung Ah. Jin Mi is the second sibling and she has an excellent sense of smell. Jung Shik is the youngest sibling and he has excellent cooking skills. He is also a vlogger on Youtube. 


Ki Do Hoon [Convenience store customer] Support Role
Jung Yi Rang Lee Na Yeong Support Role
Shin Dong Wook Han San Hae Main Role
Lee Min Hyuk Main Role
Kwon Yoo Ri Bok Seung Ah Main Role
Lee Yeol Eum Han Jin Mi Main Role
Kim Hyun Joon Han Jung Shik Main Role

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Drama , Drama , Food , Korean