Decoded (2016)

Jie Mi, 解密

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Historical , Military , Political , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 41

7.6 324 10 0


A math genius gets recruited by Chinese spy agency to crack a complex coded message in the early republican era.


Zhang Zhe Han Han Bing Main Role
Jing Chao Zhao Qi Rong Main Role
Yin Xiao Tian An Neng Main Role
An Ady Shen Yu Er Main Role
Ying Er Zhai Li Main Role
Chen Cheney Rong Jin Zhen Main Role
Yang Yi Tong Yan Shi Supporting Role
Li Nan Chen Jian Nian Supporting Role
Bai Qing Lin Lei Ting Supporting Role
Guo Jing Fei Zheng Dang Supporting Role
Yu Heng Meng Xiao Yun Unknown Role



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