dele (2018)
Ep 8


  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi

dele (2018)


Drama , Business , Drama , Friendship , Japanese | Episode 35

8.2 398 10 0


Freelance programmer Sakagami Keiji (Yamada Takayuki) is paralysed in the lower half of his body because of an unknown illness and confined to a wheelchair. He sets up a company called dele. LIFE in partnership with the law firm established by his late father. At the request of clients, Sakagami works together with the freelance jack-of-all-trades Mashiba Yutaro (Suda Masaki) to delete all unfavorable digital records left in their computers and smartphones after they die. 


Aso Kumiko Sakagami Mai Support Role
Yamada Takayuki Sakagami Keiji Main Role
Suda Masaki Mashiba Yutaro Main Role


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