Demon Catcher Zhong Kui (2018)


Drama , Action , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 55

7.9 3070 10 0


They are comprised of a half-god and half-demon, a demon hunter and the sacred maiden of the demon tribe. After getting in deep trouble because of his painfully stubborn and headstrong personality, Zhong Kui is banished from the heavens to live as a human with no memories of his past. In pursuit of hisreal identity, he crosses paths with Yang Ren Zhi and Ling Xi who join in his travel to become faithful allies. Even without his powers, Zhong Kui as Mu Tian Ran relies on his intelligence and wit to better their odds. However, the group gets caught in the center of a conspiracy that could turn them against each other.


Fu Jia Yang Si Zhong Support Role
Tan Kevin Zhong Kui Support Role
Cheng Zi Ning Shao Zi Support Role
Yin Ye Zi Su Zi Mo Support Role
Ting Allen Yang Zi Bo Support Role
Yang William Zhong Kui / Mu Tian Ran Main Role
Memet Vicky Ying Su Main Role
Li Zi Feng Yang Ren Zhi Main Role
Yang Rong Ling Xi Main Role
Wang Deshun Guest Role
Chin Shih Chieh Guest Role

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Drama , Action , Romance , Chinese