Detective Dee (2017)

Tong Tian Di Ren Jie, Legendary Di Renjie, 通天狄仁杰

Drama , Action , Adventure , Detective , Historical , Suspense , Chinese | Episodes 66

7.6 2650 10 0


This drama follows Empress Wu Zetian, Emperor Gaozongand Di Renjie on his various exploits covering cases from the Buddhist Monastery to the events leading to the deposing of Empress Wang to plots to usurp the throne.


Allen Ren Di Ren Jie Main Role
Kan Adi Mu Rong Qing Main Role
Chen Andy Jiang Hao Chen Supporting Role
Fu Theresa Empress Wang Supporting Role
Jiao Jun Yan Wu Ze Tian Supporting Role
Cao Xin Yue Yu Xiang Supporting Role
Zheng Xiao Ning Zhang Sun Wu Ji Supporting Role
Guo Xiao Dong Wang Zi Feng Supporting Role
Mao Jun Jie Mo Yu Supporting Role
Dai Si Unknown Role