Diary of a Prosecutor (2019)

Prosecutor Civil War, Civil War Inspection, Civil War of Prosecutors, Inside Stories of Prosecutors, Geomsanaejeon, War of Prosecutors, 검사내전

Drama , Drama , Law , Life , Korean | Episodes 16

8.5 1669 10 0


Lee Su Woong (Lee Sun kyun) works as a prosecutor in the district office in Jinyoung. He seems relaxed and doesn’t appear to have a desire to succeed. Meanwhile, Cha Myung Joo (Jung Ryu Won) is an elite prosecutor on the fast track in the Central District Prosecutor’s Office in Seoul. One day, she is suddenly transferred to the district public prosecutor’s office in Jinyoung.


Lee Sang Hee Oh Yoon Jin Support Role
Jung Jae Sung Support Role
Ahn Eun Jin Sung Mi Ran Support Role
Jun Sung Woo Kim Jung Woo Support Role
Baek Hyun Joo Jang Man Ok Support Role
Ahn Chang Hwan Support Role
Kim Kwang Gyu Support Role
Lee Sung Jae Jo Min Ho Main Role
Jung Ryeo Won Cha Myung Joo Main Role
Lee Sun Gyun Lee Sun Woong Main Role
Yong Jin Guest Role
Lee Tae Gon Unknown Role

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Trailer Diary of a Prosecutor

Drama , Drama , Law , Life , Korean

  • Trailer Diary of a Prosecutor
  • Trailer Diary of a Prosecutor