Don't Think Twice, Love's All Right (2020)


Drama , Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 40

7.8 47 10 0


A story about a chairman with a net worth amounting to billions who simply wants to find true love. An accidental meeting with a young designer leads to a romance that surpasses age and status. Li Honghai (Chen Jiabin) longs to find a woman who is not motivated by money. When he meets Xia Keke (Li Yitong), a smart and beautiful designer, Li Honghai conceals his identity. They start dating and eventually get married. It was only after marriage when Xia Keke learns that she married a billionaire. Angry over the lie, she demands a divorce. However, the two have no choice but to keep up appearances as husband and wife for several months in order for their company to go public. 


Wang Lue Tao Support Role
Zhu Yue Support Role
Zhou Zhi Support Role
Cao Ran Ran Support Role
Miao Yun Tong Support Role
Chen Jian Bin Main Role
Xu Wen Guang Main Role
Pan Yue Ming Main Role
Li Yi Tong Main Role
Kong Song Jin Main Role

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Trailer Don't Think Twice, Love's All Right

Drama , Drama , Romance , Chinese