Double Life (2018)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Chinese | Episodes 42

6.9 210 10 0


A story revolving around the double life of a young man in the world of lingerie design. It's a niche that is fresh, trendy and a topic with an uncanny potential for comedy. Ah Jing tries to juggle two lives simultaneously and works tirelessly to keep up the cover. At the lingerie company, he is cowardly cute and a rookie employee with a lot to learn. In the setting of a family-owned business conglomerate, Ah Jing is the headstrong president. He is calm and unbending in the face of competition and his off-the-wall ideas often become a source for hilarious hijinks.


Chen Jing Yang Support Role
Tang Jian Jun Support Role
Liu Ya Jin Support Role
Liu Xu Support Role
Wu John Support Role
Chai Wei Support Role
Xia Tian Support Role
Meng Zoey Main Role