Dousousei - Hito Wa Sando Koi Wo Suru (2014)

Alumni - Person Loves Three Times, Dousousei ~ Hito wa sando koi wo suru, Alumni: Three Times in Love, 同窓生 ~人は、三度、恋をする~

Drama , Drama , Manga , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 10

7.4 425 10 0


Divorcee Kenta who quit his job and is working in his family's laundry shop while Akehi, his former girlfriend from junior high who is a housewife but has an unhappy marriage. The two of them become drawn to each other again after the alumni reunion despite the circumstances they are in. On the other hand, Kaoruko who is beautiful and clever but has grown not to trust men due to a failed relationship and doesn't pay attention to her looks anymore. After the alumni reunion, she finds herself being involved with Ryosuke who is a playboy and never sticks to one woman for long.


Matsuoka Masahiro Sakurai Ryosuke Support Role
Itaya Yuka Hirono Kaoruko Support Role
Suda Rio Kamakura Misa Support Role
Matsu Kamakura Taro Support Role
Bito Ai Emi Support Role
Noboru Takachi Kei Aoki Support Role
Tsuruta Shinobu Yoshio Yanagi Unknown
Izuka Kenta Makoto Support Role
Yoshida Riko Kamakura Akehi (young) Support Role
Iura Arata Yanagi Kenta Main Role
Inamori Izumi Kamakura Akehi Main Role
Kayashima Narumi Iwai Guest Role