Dunia: Into A New World (2018)

DUNIA, 처음만난세계, 두니아, Dunia ~ The world I first met, ドゥニア~初めて出会った世界, dunia~cheoeum mannan segye, 두니아~처음 만난 세계

Drama , Action , Drama , Fantasy , Friendship , Youth , Korean | Episodes 20

7.9 441 10 0


In this "unrealistic" variety show, a cast of 10 characters are thrown into the virtual world of Dunia. Where they must survive, while we learn about their dramatic stories.


U-Know Yun Ho Regular Member
Jung Hye Sung Regular Member
Kwon Hyun Bin Regular Member
Lee Jae Seok Director
Kwon Sung Min Director
Koo Ja Sung Regular Member
DinDin Regular Member
Okyere Sam Regular Member