Eien no Nispa (2019)


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Eien no Nispa (2019)

永遠のニㇱパ ~北海道と名付けた男 松浦武四郎~

Drama , Drama , Japanese | Episodes 1

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Takeshiro Matsuura was a Japanese explorer who was the first person to document the inner reaches of what is now known as Hokkaido. He explored the area extensively during the mid 19th century and created a map of the island that included parts which had been ignored by earlier cartographers. He visited Ainu communities and compiled records of the large numbers of the population who had been conscripted for forced labor far from their homes. 


Nishimura Masahiko Sajima Kageyu Support Role
Kakei Toshio Abe Masahiro Support Role
Kohinata Fumiyo Nabeshima Naomasa Support Role
Ukaji Takashi Ekashi Support Role
Eguchi Yosuke Okubo Toshimichi Support Role
Saito Ayumu Minatoya Hikobe Support Role
Ishikura Saburo Shindo Sashichiro Support Role
Arizono Yoshiki Rokunosuke Support Role
Ishii Masanori Horii Izumonokami Support Role
Matsumoto Jun Matsuura Takeshiro Main Role
Fukada Kyoko Lyce of Ainu Main Role
Oishi Shizuka Unknown Role
Yanagawa Tsuyoshi Unknown Role