Entrepreneurial Age (2018)

Chuang Ye Shi Dai, 创业时代

Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 70

7.5 621 10 0


Programmer Guo Xin Nian suddenly has a light bulb moment and becomes determined to create a mobile app that converts text messages into voice recordings before they are delivered. With the help of angel investors, loyal friends and investment analyst Na Lan, the new app soon becomes a hit with mobile users. However, Guo Xin Nian is ill-prepared for the competitive app development market and suffers several setbacks at the hands of competitors. With the help of friend-turned-lover Na Lan, Guo Xin Nian is eventually able to learn from his mistakes and start afresh as a true entrepreneur. 


Chuo Ni Yang Yang Yang Support Role
Su Ke Peng Xue Wu Support Role
Song Yi Wen Di Support Role
Zhou Yi Wei Luo Wei Support Role
Yin Xiao Tian Gao Di Support Role
Wang David Li Huan Cheng Support Role
Wang Xueqi Jin Zhen Zang Support Role
Zhang Xiao Qian Luka Support Role
Huang Xuan Guo Xin Nian Main Role
Angela Baby Na Lan Main Role