Ever Night: Season 2 (2020)

将夜第2季, Ever Night: War of Brilliant Splendours, 将夜第二季, 将夜之光明之战

Drama , Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 43

8.6 14529 10 0


Legend says that the eternal night is approaching and that a calamity will befall humanity. After Sang Sang's identity is discovered, Ning Que does everything he can to protect her. Ning Que has fought long and hard to obtain justice for his family. In his road to cultivation, he has become a protector of Tang Country. However, devious people have exposed Sang Sang's connection to the eternal night and intends to kill her. Unwilling to see his childhood friend get hurt, Ning Que accompanies her in overcoming many obstacles. At this time, the Tang Country is at risk of falling into the hands of warlords. Ning Que receives orders to lead the army in protecting the country. 


Yao An Lian Archpriest Li Qing Shan Support Role
Yuan Crystal Mo Shan Shan Support Role
Jison Fan Yue [4th Brother] Support Role
Li Sheng Jia Prince Li Hun Yuan of Tang Support Role
Li Xi Zi Eight brother Support Role
Lin Jade Mu You (7th Sister of academy) Support Role
Wang Hui Zhen Lu Chen Jia / "The Flower Addict" Support Role
Cao Cheng Luo Kedi [Head of Justice Dept] Support Role
Ma Lun Tufu (the butcher Support Role
Ailei Yu from xiling Support Role
Yin Zhu Sheng General Ma Shi Xiang Support Role
Wang Dong Ye Qing, [World Walker of Dao] Support Role
Wang Jin Song Master Qi Shan Support Role
Qin Yi Ming He Ming Chi Support Role
Zong Feng Yan Archduke Li Peiyan of Tang Support Role
On Andy Chao Xiao Shu Support Role
Bao Jian Feng Emperor Li Zhongyi of Tang Support Role
Adam Cheng Fu Zi Support Role
Song Hua Chen Lee Man Man / "The Eldest Brother" Support Role
Kang Keren Yu Lian [3rd Sister] Support Role
Yan Zi Lun Tie Jiang / Blacksmith [6th brother] Support Role
Hayden Wang Beigong Weiyoung, the 9th Brother Support Role
Wang Jayden Ximen Buhuo, the 10th Brother Support Role
Mark Du Tang [World Walker from Devil's Doctrine] Support Role
Liao Yu Chen Tang Xiao Tang Support Role
Kuo Dylan Jun Mo [2nd Brother] Support Role
Lopsang High Priest of Revelation Support Role
Ngawang Rinchen Cheng Li Xue Support Role
Ai Li Ya Aunt Qu Ni of Yue Lun Support Role
Hu Yu Xuan Chen Pi Pi [12th Brother] Support Role
He Zhong Hua Sword Saint Liu Bai Support Role
Sun Kris Prince Long Qing of Yan Main Role
Liu Yi Jun Ye Hong Yu Main Role
Chen Taisheng Chen Mou [Pi Pi's Father] Main Role
Ireine Song Sang Sang Main Role
Wang He Di Ning Que [World Walker of Academy] Main Role
Liu Luke Little Emperor of Tang Kingdom Guest Role
Lu Yong Marshal General Xu Shi Guest Role
Lee Waise King of Yan Guest Role
Liao Wang Prince Chong Ming [Yan State] Guest Role
Bo Long Shangguan Yang Yu [Magistrate] Guest Role
Su Yu Jie Qi Si [Dragon gang] Guest Role
Li Xin Bo Princess Chanyu Guest Role
Lian Lian Empress Xia Tian of Tang Guest Role
Zhang Shuang Li Master Bo Shu Guest Role
Yang Chao Yue Haotian Guest Role
Yang Yang Unknown Role
Xu Run Unknown Role