Every Step You Take (2015)

Walk With You, 陪着你走

Drama , Drama , Life , Romance , HK | Episodes 20

7.4 203 10 0


Due to an unfortunate accident, magazine photographer Song Tian Chong lost her ability to see. Despite her love for beauty and watching television dramas, Tian Chong was not deterred by her blindness. With the help of her boyfriend, To Zhen Hang, and her guide dog, Tian Chong maintains her optimism and finds strength from her new motto, ‘Love Conquers All’. While Tian Chong is slowly putting her life back together, her new neighbor and advertising guru Gam Yin Zhong is suffering from a midlife crisis. A former workaholic, Yin Zhong lost contact with all his friends and family. Unable to handle his behavior, even his mentee Yuen Yuen quits. Lost, and unable to cope with the loneliness, Yin Zhong decides to take a long vacation to find his way again. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Tian Chong crosses paths with Yin Zhong and finds comfort in her lonely neighbor. Although their personalities differ vastly from the beginning, Tian Chong and Yin Zhong slowly fall in love with each other and realize that they are not so different after all.


Chan Moses Gam Yin Chung Main Role
Wu Myolie Sung Tin Chung Main Role
Cheung Owen Gam Sau Yuen Supporting Role
Chak William Lam Sir Supporting Role
Ho Lily Sally Supporting Role
Mak Evergreen Yue Ga Ging Supporting Role
Yiu Elaine Yuen Yuen Supporting Role
Yuen Nicholas Vanness Supporting Role
Ip Tracy Bianca Supporting Role
Kan Rachel Lam Wing Supporting Role
Chu Brian Bernard Supporting Role
Wai Willie Ng Duk Po Supporting Role
Chow Chung Chong Jing Supporting Role
Suet Nei Leung Giu Supporting Role
Ma Helen Szeto Fei Fei Supporting Role
Sum Jess Chan Lai Hing Supporting Role
Kung Cilla Ho Na Supporting Role
Cheung Jonathan Do Ching Hang Supporting Role
Suen Snow Lo Wai Ping / "Emma" Supporting Role
Wong Raymond Sung Yuen Bun / "Ken" Guest Role
Wong Priscilla Man Kar Wun / "Germia" Guest Role
Hung Tony Hung Man Ho Guest Role