Everybody Ready! (2019)

Everybody Ready!

Drama , Documentary , Friendship , Kshow , Korean | Episodes 10

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“Everybody Ready!” will capture Apink’s fun trip to Jeju Island, chronicling everything from the moment the members embark on their trip to their everyday lives together. It will also show Apink filming the music video for their fan song “Everybody Ready?” The agency continued, “Apink, who has received lots of love for their variety show skills, will return with a new reality show for the first time in a long while. The honest depiction of a girl group in their ninth year of promotions will be both fun and moving at the same time.” 


Yoon Bo Mi Main Host
Jung Eun Ji Main Host
Park Cho Rong Main Host
Kim Nam Joo Main Host
Son Na Eun Main Host
Oh Ha Young Main Host