Fake News (2018)
Ep 2


  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: NHK

Fake News (2018)


Drama , Business , Drama , Japanese | Episodes 2

7.5 179 10 0


Itsuki Shinonome is transferred to the Internet Media Department and assigned to a story involving green caterpillars being found in instant food. She later finds a man who has posted about this issue on social media and talks to him. A fight between companies eventually draws her in. 


Nagayama Kento Support Role
Iwamatsu Ryo Support Role
Sugimoto Tetta Support Role
Nogi Akiko Screenwriter
Yamoto Yuma Support Role
Arai Hirofumi Kanji Usami Main Role
Mitsuishi Ken Main Role
Kitagawa Keiko Itsuki Shinonome Main Role