Fang Nam Jarod Fang Fah (2016)

Jao Wayha Series part 1, Jao Wayha Series: Fang Nam Jarod Fang Fah, Where the River Meets the Sky, ฝั่งน้ำจรดฝั่งฟ้า

Drama , Military , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 26

7.6 2690 10 0


This is the first part of the Jao Wayha Series.


Athichart Chumnanon Nawin Main Role
Bhirompakdee Woranuch Chofah Main Role
Siraloet Ratchani Chit Supporting Role
Surachardkait Tawin Badin Supporting Role
Yanin Witmitanantha Kaew Supporting Role
Gregson Andrew Lt. Col. Thongrob Guest Role
Pholdee Jesadaporn Yothin Guest Role
Horne Davika Captain Tuptim Guest Role
Jamikorn Khemanit Meena Guest Role
Primorata Dejudom Guest Role
Atirut Suwan Unknown Role