Fantasy Restaurant (2018)


Drama , Drama , Food , Chinese | Episodes 12

6.3 14 10 0


Celebrities from Idol Producers are assigned to a task to open a restaurant in Australia. Members earned some of their willingness to run a restaurant called "SPACE" to fulfill their wish list for fans. The show will show the audience how much the fans know about the idols, and Idol will work hard to make money to fulfill the desire of the fans to customize. Program lineup includes artists idol trainees players Jeffrey, Justin, Dong Yanlei, Zhu Zhengting, Bi Wen Jun, Xiao Gui, and from time to time there will be added of other guests, so the restaurant business more joyful and interesting. 


Theo Zhu Regular Member
You Zhang Jing (Ep.9, 10) Guest
Xiao Gui Regular Member
Jeffrey Regular Member
Leo Dong Regular Member
J.zen (Ep. 9, 10) Guest
Bi Wen Jun Regular Member
Li Xi Kan Guest
Justin Regular Member