First Love (2016)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Family , Friendship , Life , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 40

7.4 1070 10 0


Zuo Zai Jun and Zheng Lei were university classmates and best friends, who have an 8-year-old step-daughter called Miao Miao. While Miao Miao’s mother Ning Xiao Meng was Zai Jun and Zheng Lei’s dream date during their university days. 8 years ago, she left to study in America and was never heard from again. 8 years on, Xiao Meng returns to Shanghai, Zai Jun cannot accept her and so she attempts to mend their relationship. When she succeeds Xiao Meng becomes very close to Zheng Lei, ruining the friendship between the men as they become love rivals creating comedic situations. Little by little, Xiao Meng’s secret about Miao Miao’s birth and her disappearance is unraveled.


Bextiyar Gülnezer Ning Xiao Meng Main Role
Lau Hawick Zu Zai Jun Main Role
Sun Sean Zheng Lei Main Role
Li Cheng Yuan Supporting Role
Xie Lucia Miao Miao Supporting Role
Zhu Yong Teng Tao Ran Supporting Role