Flying Tiger (2018)


Drama , Action , Crime , HK | Episodes 30

7.7 2303 10 0


Summer hot, hot hot! Shaw Brothers play "Flying Tigers" a public actor Miao Qiaowei, Huang Zongze, Wu Zhuoxi, Zhang Zhaohui, Gao Haining, who in recent days in the Saigon studio wore the sun to shoot. Today, there are 33 degrees high temperature, body temperature is like 40 degrees, vegetarian enterprises already feel like dry steam, not to mention a public actor buried buried high density, very heat-absorbing Flying Tigers uniforms, with buried super-noise helmet, , There is a potential crisis of heat stroke, really admire them.


Ng Ron Main Role
Wong Bosco Main Role
Miu Michael Main Role
Wong Hugo Unknown Role
Ng Hugo Unknown Role
Wong Michael Unknown Role
Leung Oscar Unknown Role