Followers (2020)


Drama , Drama , Friendship , Life , Japanese | Episodes 9

7.4 118 10 0


Nara Rimi, an established and popular photographer, meets Momota Natsume who has come to Tokyo with dreams of becoming an actress. Although Natsume suffers setbacks, she grows from these experiences in this story about the lifestyles of women whose lives intersect in this world dominated by social media.


Kaneko Nobuaki Yuruko Support Role
Asano Tadanobu Mochizuki Tamio Support Role
KOM_I Sani Support Role
Goto Yutaro Nori Support Role
Nakashima Mika sayo Support Role
Itaya Yuka Akane Support Role
Shuhei Uesugi Hiraku Support Role
Katase Rino Dr. Chidori Support Role
Kasamatsu Sho Sueo Support Role
Mashima Hidekazu Wada Hiroshi Support Role
Natsuki Mari Eriko Support Role
Ikeda Elaiza Momota Natsume Main Role
Nakatani Miki Nara Limi Main Role
Mizuhara Kiko Guest Role
Yamada Yu Herself Guest Role
Watanabe Naomi Guest Role
Tamashiro Tina Herself Guest Role
Miyavi Himself Guest Role
Sawajiri Erika Herself Guest Role
Ninagawa Mika Unknown Role



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