Fox Bride Star (2018)
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  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: SBS

Fox Bride Star (2018)

Where Stars Land, 狐狸新娘星, 여우각시별

Drama , Melodrama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 40

7.6 1743 10 0


Kang Ki Chan and Yoon Seo Wool are rookies who works at Incheon Airport. Ki Chan dreamed of becoming a pilot, but vision in one of his eyes was bad enough that he had to give up on his dream, he joins the general planning department. Seo Wool begins to work in the CS management department at the airport. She wants to be a perfectionist, but her reality is a little bit different.


Ahn Sang Woo Gong Seung Cheol Support Role
Kang Eun Kyung Screenwriter
Shin Woo Cheol Director
Kim Jun Won Section Chief Mo Jun Hoon Support Role
Jung Jae Sung Lee Woo Taek Support Role
Kim Won Hae Park Tae Hee Support Role
Kim Yeo Jin Yoon Hye Won Support Role
Yoon Gyung Ho Support Role
Lee Sung Wook Choi Moo Ja Support Role
Ha Ji Eun Si Je In Support Role
Jang Hyun Sung Kwon Hee Seung Support Role
Kim Kyung Nam Oh Dae Ki Support Role
Park Hyeok Kwon Mister Jang Support Role
Ro Woon Go Eun Seob Support Role
Hong Ji Min Heo Young Ran Support Role
Choi Won Young Han Jae Young Support Role
Kim Jee Soo Yang Seo Koon Support Role
Lee Soo Kyung Na Young Joo Support Role
Chae Soo Bin Yoon Seo Wool Main Role
Lee Je Hoon Kang Ki Chan Main Role
Lee Dong Gun Seo In Woo Main Role

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Drama , Melodrama , Romance , Korean