Gakeppuchi Hotel (2018)


Drama , Business , Comedy , Drama , Japanese | Episodes 10

8.2 171 10 0


A once exclusive hotel in the outskirts well-known to only people in the know, is now on the brink of bankruptcy with a debt of 300 million yen, under the management of incapable and unmotivated staff. The diligent, rookie general manager Sakuri Sana is too young, the new patissier Hourai Haru cannot read situations, the sous chef Eguchi Ryuji is obsessed with boat racing, the cleaner Yoshimura Naomi is an amenities thief,the bartender Edakawa Kozue is always drunk and the assistant general manager Tokisada Masao is suspected of embezzlement. Then an unlikely young man Ukai Naoya shows up as a mysterious guest, and the staff who only have an abundance of pride, regard him disagreeably. No one knows just yet that his arrival will overturn everything about this hotel... 


Nakamura Tomoya Eguchi Ryuji Support Role
Kawaei Rina Osanai Yuko (Ep.3-10) Support Role
Inomata Ryuichi Director
Iwamoto Hitoshi Director
Tsuchida Hideo Screenwriter
Suzuki Kosuke Tanzawa Akito Support Role
Watanabe Ikkei Tokisada Masao Support Role
Ryo Edagawa Kozue Support Role
Hamabe Minami Horai Haru Support Role
Saeki Daichi Hattori Yozo Support Role
Nishio Mari Yoshimura Naomi Support Role
Miyagawa Daisuke Abe Chokichi Support Role
Mullane Chad Pierre Tanaka Support Role
Cookie Otawara Taishi Support Role
Iwata Takanori Ukai Naoya Main Role
Toda Erika Sakurai Sana Main Role
Matsubara Chieko Sasagawa Kanako (Ep.1) Guest Role
Suzuki Rio Sasagawa Nanami (Ep.1) Guest Role
Yoshida Riko Tajima Akane (Ep.2) Guest Role
Tomokazu Sugita [Voice of law dictation alarm clock](Ep.2) Guest Role
Shibukawa Kiyohiko Omura Keizo (Ep.3) Guest Role
Tanaka Kanau Omura Yuji (Ep.3) Guest Role
Haba Yuichi Tomita (Ep.3) Guest Role
Hasegawa Hatsunori Osanai Yukio (Ep.4-5) Guest Role
Denden Goto-sama (Ep.6) Guest Role
Osawa Hikaru Goto Michiru (Ep.6) Guest Role
Sakurai Hijiri [male guest] (Ep.7) Guest Role
Sara Ogawa Irene (blue) [eldest daughter] (Ep.8) Guest Role
Yamaguchi Mayu Nadia (light blue) [seventh daughter] (Ep.8) Guest Role
Kamio Yu Fujii (Ep.9) Guest Role
Yamada Meikyo [Barriston Hotel's general manager] (Ep.9-10) Guest Role
Tanimura Mitsuki Kawakita Kumi [Suivre Hotel's general manager] (Ep.10) Guest Role
Muramatsu Toshifumi Nashida [Suivre Hotel's staff] (Ep.10) Guest Role
Minemura Rie Reiko [Suivre Hotel's staff] (Ep.10) Guest Role
Sakata Masanobu Koibuchi [Suivre Hotel's staff] (Ep.10) Guest Role
Inaba Yu Yoshikawa [Suivre Hotel's staff] (Ep.10) Guest Role
Ono Karin Tamaru Aki [Suivre Hotel's staff] (Ep.10) Guest Role
Nishiyama Mayuko [Suivre Hotel's staff] (Ep.10) Guest Role
Suzuki Taku [Suivre Hotel's staff] (Ep.10) Guest Role
Matsushima Shota [Suivre Hotel's staff] (Ep.10) Guest Role
Antony [Suivre Hotel's staff] (Ep.10) Guest Role
Yamashita Kenjiro Kasatani Shotaro [new employee] (Ep.10) Guest Role
Yamaguchi Nonoka Nakajima Maika [new employee] (Ep.10) Guest Role
Sato Ryuta Sakurai Seiichi [Sana's older brother] (Ep.6-7) Guest Role