Game Maya (2017)

Superstar's Game, Illusion's game, เกมมายา

Drama , Action , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 10

7.8 4096 10 0


Gun's fiancee dies in an accident right before their wedding leaving a message in which she blames Khun Kawin for her death. Pim is a famous star and Kawin's fiancee. Gun plans to revenge while presuming the identity of Pim's bodyguard but he slowly finds himself falling for Pim.


Nilkuha Warattaya Pimdao Main Role
Kasetsin Puttichai Gun Main Role
Juntapun Natcha Supporting Role
Tanjararak Kavee Supporting Role
Kantapoj Pattarapol Supporting Role
Chaowalit Pitchaya Supporting Role