Game of Hunting (2017)

Hunting Ground, Lie Chang, 猎场

Drama , Action , Mystery , Thriller , Chinese | Episodes 54

7.7 1029 10 0


Zheng Qiu Dong is a persistent man when pursuing his ideals. He survives through business failures, economic pitfalls purposely set up by adversaries and unfortunate romances without losing his moral principles to become an elite of the financial world, described metaphorically as the "hunting ground"


Hu Ge Zheng Qiu Dong Main Role
Zu Feng Bai Li Qin Main Role
Sun Hong Lei Liu Liang Ti Main Role
Zhang Jia Yi Qu Min Jing Main Role
Chen Long Lin Bai Main Role
Hu Bing Chen Xiu Feng Supporting Role
Jian Joyce Luo Yi Ren Supporting Role
Wan Qian Xiong Qing Chun Supporting Role
Zhang Ling Zhi Jia Yi Mei Supporting Role
Ke Lan Kui Huang Supporting Role
Dong Yong Unknown Role

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Drama , Action , Mystery , Thriller , Chinese