Gibo to Musume no Blues 2020-nen Kinga Shinnen Special (2020)

義母と娘のブルース 2020年謹賀新年スペシャル

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Family , Life , Japanese | Episodes 1

7.6 161 10 0


It is the autumn of 2019, one year since Miyamoto Akiko the workforce. Her job is based in Osaka and she has been living in apart from her step daughter Miyuki who is in Tokyo. Headhunted by a major consulting firm Acxel Business Partners, Akiko has been working energetically. She has achieved such remarkable results that the 10 years she devoted to raising Miyuki after her husband Ryoichi (Takenouchi Yutaka) passed away, is not a noticeable blank. Miyuki is now a lovely first-year university student who still does things at her own pace. She joined the university’s entrepreneurship club and continues to work part-time. Her relationship with childhood friend Kuroda Hiroki seems the same even though she rejected his feelings a year ago. One day, Akiko is suddenly fired and goes back to Tokyo. She visits Miyuki’s apartment only to see Mugita Akira (Sato Takeru), the owner of Bakery Mugita where Miyuki works part-time, come out topless from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. To make matters worse, a baby boy is clutched in his arms. Then Miyuki returns home. Akiko jumps to the conclusion that this baby is their child. Miyuki and Mugita deny it, leaving Akiko confused by this perplexing situation.