Giver: Revenge's Giver (2018)

GIVER 復讐の贈与者

Drama , Business , Investigation , Life , Thriller , Japanese | Episode 40

7.3 152 10 0


Giver works with several colleagues at a 'revenge agency'. The agency takes on revenge requests on behalf of bereaved clients, including the victim of a fraud marriage and the family of a victim killed by a serial killer. 


Watanabe Shu Support Role
Ono Yuriko Support Role
Tayama Ryosei Support Role
Yoshizawa Ryo Giver Main Role
Morikawa Aoi Taker Main Role
Kaito Yoshimura Guest Role
Takahashi Tsutomu Guest Role
Komai Ren Guest Role
Itao Itsuji Guest Role


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