Good Bye My Princess (2019)

Dong Gong, Goodbye My Princess, 东宫

Drama , Drama , Historical , Romance , Tragedy , Chinese | Episodes 55

7.7 5301 10 0


Xiao Feng is the beloved ninth princess of Western Liang, who enters into a political marriage with Li Cheng Yin, the crown prince of the Tang Dynasty. The latter has his own favourite concubine, and only agreed to this loveless marriage to secure his position as heir to the throne. It is later revealed that Xiao Feng had met Li Cheng Yin under the alias of Gu Xiao Wu three years ago. He was on a secretive mission to conquer the western kingdoms, and used Xiao Feng to accomplish his goal. After finding out the truth, Xiao Feng jumped into the River of Forgetfulness, and Gu Xiao Wu / Li Chen Yyin followed suit out of guilt, and perhaps also love. In the present-time, only Xiao Feng has regained her memories, and their heart-wrenching romance begins all over again. ~~ Adapted from Fei Wo Si Cun's novel of the same name.


Wang Zhifei Support Role
Wei Shawn Support Role
Wang Kingone Support Role
Si Qin Gao Wa Support Role
Ren Wan Jing Support Role
Lo Gallen Support Role
Peng Xiao Ran Xiao Feng Main Role
Chen Xing Xu Li Cheng Yin / Gu Xiao Wu Main Role