Good Girl (2020)


Drama , Kshow , Music , Korean | Episodes 10

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"Good Girl” will feature some of the best female hip hop and R&B artists around the country, including underground rappers, current idols, and popular artists. These artists will be put on a team together and will complete quests in order to win a prize.


Kim Hyo Yeon Regular Member
Jang Ye Eun Regular Member
Ji Su Yeon Guest
Cheetah Regular Member
Ailee Regular Member
Elkie Guest
Jiwoo Regular Member
Yang Yoon Hwa Regular Member
Nafla Guest
Giant Pink Guest
Kim So Hee Guest
Kanto Guest
Seungyeon Guest
DinDin Main Host
Eun Chae Guest
MC Gree Guest
Elly Guest
Lua Guest
Rina Guest
Sei Guest
Lucy Guest
Park Ji Min Regular Member