Goodbye, My Love (2020)


Drama , Drama , Life , Mature , Mystery , Chinese | Episodes 12

7.7 122 10 0


Is it a perfect marriage or a perfect act? A woman's life starts to crumble when she starts to realize that her husband is having an affair. Power couple Zhang Yi and Zhang Xin are the envy of everyone in the field of architecture. After Zhang Yi became pregnant, Zhang Xin offers to resign and become a househusband. Years have passed and their daughter Xiao Xiao is now five years old. On the surface, Zhang Yi's career is on the rise and her family is a happy home. However, she never imagined that she was actually living in a cesspool of lies... 


William Fan Support Role
Lu Xiao Lin Support Role
Fu Mei Support Role
Wang Zhen Support Role
Song Ning Support Role
Liu Min Tao Main Role
Huang Jue Main Role
Yu En Tai Main Role
Candy Song Main Role
Wu Bai Unknown Role