Great Men Academy (2019)

Great Men Academy

Drama , Comedy , Romance , School , Youth , Thailand | Episodes 8

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Synopsis of the Great Men Academy drama
It's called a very warm atmosphere. When the TV channel Along with the young actors, rising stars Uniting together to attend the Great Men Academy series drama, a manly gentleman's school, to be able to reach the heart of the heart, led by Khun Palapa Manoj, the head of LINE TV business, LINE Thailand. Anan, Ping-Kriengkrai, Wachirathamporn and actors who are invited to scream so much, such as JJ-Krishnaphum Phibunsong, James-Theeradon Supapan Phinyo, Captain-Chonthathorn Khongyingyong, Ted-Lompas Ngamchuang, Porsche-Siwakorn Adul Sutthikul, Ice-Paris, Intarakomol Sut, Jackie-Chakin Kangwan Kiatchai, etc. Directed by twins, Wan Waew Hongwiwat and Waewwan Hongwiwat, the atmosphere is very warm and crowded

For the Great Men Academy drama series, a manly gentleman's school to cast to the heart Will take you to the mission of the youth Who stepped into the same school fence This place nurtures the habits and things for them, whether it be friendship, sacrifice, love and some other things It can be said that there are many flavors.