Green Door (2019)

Hun Qiu Xi Men, 魂囚西門

Drama , Horror , Romance , Supernatural , Suspense , Thriller , Taiwan | Episodes 6

7.6 256 10 0


Adapted from a novel by Joseph Chen, the drama is about a ghost therapist. His clients include all manner of strange beings, including one case where it is unclear whether the client is a split personality or a beautiful woman possessed by a gangster spirit. Via deep psychological explorations, this drama examines the search for happiness and security inherent in human nature.


Ting Chiang Support Role
Shen Hai Rong Support Role
Ying Shiuan Hsieh Support Role
Ruby Zhan Support Role
Jutoupi Support Role
Wei Hua Lan Support Role
Jason King Support Role
Enno Cheng Support Role
Lan Blue Support Role
Jam Hsiao Main Role
Bea Hayden Hong Yu Mei Main Role