Guardian (2018)

Zhen Hun, 镇魂

Drama , Crime , Fantasy , Chinese | Episodes 40

8.8 9177 10 0


A world beyond scientific understanding with a group of passionate adults trying to solve cases done by such forces. ~~ Guardian is based on the novel Zhen Hun written by Priest. Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei are tasked with upholding peace between deities, demons and humans, and the story will focus on their friendship that transcends past and present lifetimes.


Li Jia Cheng Da Qing Support Role
Liu Min Ting Lin Jing Support Role
Xu Jin Zhang Ruo Nan Support Role
Huang Shuo Ye Huo Support Role
Su Han Ye Zu Ma Support Role
Jiang Ocean Chu Shu Zhi Support Role
Zhang Lanxin Wei Lan Support Role
Bai White Zhao Yun Lan Main Role
Zhu Yi Long Shen Wei Main Role
Wang Wei Hua Zhao Xin Ci Guest Role
Zhou Jie Gao Jing Feng Guest Role