Guardians of the Ancient Oath (2020)

The Classic of Mountains and Seas, Shan Hai Jing Zhi Shang Gu Mi Yue, Chinese Bestiary, The Classic of Mountains and Seas: The Promise Keepers, 上古密约, Shang Gu Mi Yue, The Promise Keepers, 山海经之上古密约

Drama , Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Historical , Chinese | Episodes 46

8.1 1350 10 0


During the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the Yan State was established by Xianbei's Murong family and the wolf tribe outside the mainlands. The Yan king was young, and political battles between the royal families were prosperous. An incident of an adoptive daughter causes the Duke of Zhen's manor to be turned upside down. The eldest son Murong Yan was beheaded, the second son Murong Chen was sent to exile, and the adoptive daughter Murong Yi was sent back to the Wolf tribe's Khan Ming Yefeng, cast aside by the Yan people. Under the help of the evil spirits, Murong Yan, who faked his death, wants to make a comeback and win the ancient gods. Murong Chen studied the powers of vanquishing devils in order to take revenge, and he meets Murong Yi who has transformed into a devil. The three siblings were being coerced by the hate and revenge of the nations, leading to the unraveling of a thousand-year conspiracy to be unraveled. In the ancient troubled times where the legendary monster Jiuying roamed the lands, the five great elements joined forces to lock the demon. However, Jin Zhengyi was not sealed and became a thousand-year-old wandering soul. He then uses all sorts of intrigues and wiles to reincarnate as the Emperor of Yan. His goal was to re-gather the five great elements and release the legendary monster Jiuying, causing great chaos to the world. The obsession of past life, the love, and hate of this life, faced with the entanglement of the millennium, the five people fell into a situation of incomparable contradictions. In the end, Murong Yi persuaded everyone to jointly choose to love the world, to give up their lives, to lock the demon, and once again fulfilled the promise of defending the world two thousand years ago. 


Yuen Wah Ji Qiu Support Role
Zhang Ling Xin Ling Jun Support Role
Guo Fiction Hou Zheng Ze Support Role
Zheng Kai Ming Ye Feng Support Role
Yann Bai Li Hong Xuan Support Role
Liu Zhi Wei Qiu Xiao Tong Support Role
Zhang Yu Qi Mu Qi Support Role
Zhao Yi Yang A'Na Huai Support Role
Li Bing Hui Chou Nu Support Role
Zhang Yao Yu Yi Jiu Mo Support Role
Liu Lin Queen Mother He Support Role
Gao Ren An Ting Feng Support Role
Xia Nita Princess Jin Yang Support Role
Wang Karry Bai Li Hao He/Murong Yan Main Role
Song Zu Er Bai Li Hong Yi/Murong Yi Main Role
Wu Leo Bai Li Hong Shuo/Murong Chen Main Role
Hu Yao Zhi Unknown Role