Hagetaka (2018)

The Vultures, ハゲタカ

Drama , Business , Comedy , Drama , Japanese | Episode 18

7.7 133 10 0


During turbulent economic times in Japan, Masahiko Washizu leads a foreign investment fund and is criticized for being a vulture. He tries to buy a bank and another company that are experiencing financial depression. 


Mitsuishi Ken Goro Nakanobe Support Role
Watabe Atsuro Takeo Shibano Support Role
Kinami Haruka Tamaka Matsudaira Support Role
Horiuchi Keiko Akiko Shibano Support Role
Sawajiri Erika Takako Matsudaira Support Role
Sakura Ema Midori Miyabe Support Role
Sugimoto Tetta Munenori Saeki Support Role
Kobayashi Kaoru Ryosuke Iijima Support Role
Ikeuchi Hiroyuki Alan Fujita Support Role
Ayano Go Masahiko Washizu Main Role



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