Haken no Hinkaku 2 (2020)

ハケンの品格 2

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Japanese | Episodes 10

7.9 137 10 0


Employment in Japan, traditionally consisted of hiring someone as a full time employee at a company and they worked for that company until their retirement. Things have changed in recent years. Reform has taken place, that involves outsourcing, introduction of AI and other new methods. In 2020, how will Haruko Omae work? Edit Translation English Português


Tsukaji Muga Support Role
Katsuji Ryo Support Role
Tsuihiji Anna Support Role
Oizumi Yo Support Role
Yamamoto Maika Support Role
Ito Shiro Support Role
Yoshitani Ayako Support Role
Sugino Yosuke Support Role
Kamiji Yusuke Support Role
Shinohara Ryoko Main Role
Koizumi Kotaro Main Role
Ichimura Masachika Guest Role
Nakazono Miho Unknown Role
Sato Toya Unknown Role