Happiness Will Come Knocking Again (2020)


Drama , Drama , Life , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 44

7.7 541 10 0


A story about finding their worth follows a doctor and a policewoman who work tirelessly for their goals and find love in the process. Huang Zi Li, a man who experiences many troubles, travels from the Southwest to make a new life in the big city. Fang Yan is a policewoman who wants to do her job well. The two find themselves clashing at every turn until real sparks start to fly.


Wu Hao Support Role
Bai Fan Support Role
Li Cheng Yuan Support Role
Guo Jia Ming Support Role
Feng En He Support Role
Qian Yong Chen Main Role
Wu Jin Yan Main Role
Nie Yuan Main Role
Mao Jun Jie Main Role