Happy Hunter (2020)


Drama , Action , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Sci-Fi , Chinese | Episodes 44

7.8 187 10 0


A mutant and a female monster hunter embark on a wacky adventure to protect humanity from a horned alien that seeks to conquer the earth. Kuang Tian Bao is a mutant that cannot die, cannot age and cannot get sick. Wanting to become normal, he seeks the help of monster hunter Jia Xiao Ling. The two travel back in time to prevent the incident that changed Kuang Tian Bao's life and they come face to face with unimaginable dangers along the way.


Qi Yu Wu Support Role
Zeng Yi Jun Support Role
Bao Wen Jing Support Role
Jia Ling Main Role
Bao Bei Er Main Role
Zhao Chloe Guest Role
Chen Michael Guest Role
Ma Yi Heng Unknown Role