Haru ga Kita (2018)

Spring Has Come, 春が来た

Drama , Drama , Family , Melodrama , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 5

7.6 392 10 0


Kishikawa Naoko, a 31-year-old single woman, works at a department store. She lives with her family but has a boring life. However, one day she meets Lee Ji Won, a cameraman from South Korea, who inspire her to change along with her family.


Sano Shiro Kishikawa Shuji Support Role
Kentaro Shunta Support Role
Takada Shoko Support Role
Takahata Atsuko Kishikawa Sue Support Role
Furuhata Seika Kishikawa Junko Support Role
Kurashina Kana Kishikawa Naoko Main Role
Kai Lee Ji Won Main Role
Hayato Kawai Unknown Role