Hello Again! (2019)

No You Nian Da Xue Ma, Do you have a college?, 你有念大學嗎?

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Taiwan | Episodes 16

7.7 5573 10 0


Idol drama "Do you have a college? "The drama describes the "School" of the high school campus. "An Xueya" and "Playing with the tyrants" and He Haochen extended from the campus opposition to the process of entering the society. Both of them had high school students' appearances, and He Haochen performed a lot. Different types of students, so they believe that they are experienced and praise that they still have student temperament. And An Xinya also laughed and said that she did not have a sense of disobedience, especially the performance of the face, An Xinya said: "I am frozen at the age, and the plasticity is very high."


Lee Calvin Dan Ni Er Support Role
Yin Fu Zheng Yin Yin Support Role
Tiffany Pan Wu Xiang Yin Support Role
Ariel Chiao Li Xiao Tian Support Role
Mei Stanley Li Jian Support Role
Mi Kelly Lin Fang Jie Support Role
Lee Sean Cai Xiao Gang Main Role
Amber An Chang Ke Ai Main Role
Bruce Hung Yang Zi Hao Main Role
Modi Chiu Liang Zi Jie Main Role