Here to Heart (2018)

Wen Nuan De Xian, The Warm Cord, 温暖的弦

Drama , Business , Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 44+

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A romance full of twist and turns and undoubtedly heartaches if this entire journey is supposed to last ten years until it gets to a presumably happy ending. The caption says, "Your heart is the place that I want to return to even as I travel to the ends of the earth."  Based on the novel Warm Chord written by An Ning.


Zhang Jenny Yi Xin Support Role
Zhou Qi Qi Wen Rou Support Role
Jing Chao Zhu Lin Lu Support Role
Ji Xiao Bing Gao Fang Support Role
Liang David Pan Wei Ning Support Role
Jin Kim Guan Ti Support Role
Chang Janine Wen Nuan Main Role
Zhang Han Zhan Nan Xian Main Role

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Drama , Business , Drama , Romance , Chinese