Heroic Legend (2017)

Ping Zong Xia Ying, 萍踪侠影

Drama , Wuxia , Chinese | Episodes 35

7.7 366 10 0


The central plot focuses on a girl named Yun Lei seeking revenge for her grandfather's death. Unfortunately, the person most responsible for his death is the father of the man she has mutually fallen in love with. There are also subplots like Zhang Dan Feng's father planning to stage a coup and start his own dynasty, and the touching, but tragic romance between Princess Jing and Yun Lei's brother Yun Zhong. - Lady Zhuge


Shen Jun Yi Tantai Mie Ming Support Role
Kuo Shan Wen Zhou Shan Min Support Role
Tsui Elvis Chi Jiao Mo Ke Support Role
Xu Huan Huan Shui Jing Support Role
Li Qiang Yun Cheng Support Role
Ma Jing Wu Zhou Jian Support Role
Xie Ning Qi Hua Support Role
Wang Wen Sheng Sha Tao Support Role
Shi Xiao Long Young Zhang Dan Feng Support Role
Yang Li Xiao Juvenile Swordsman Support Role
Sun Xiao Fei South Gate Commander Support Role
Cao Pei Chang Yun Jing Support Role
Zhuo Fan Bi Dao Fan Support Role
Wang Gang Mu Ye Support Role
Chen Kai Wu Ya Support Role
Wang Deshun Shi Ying Support Role
Wang Jin Song Sha Wu Ji Support Role
Kong Lin Jiu Tian Long Nu Support Role
Zhang Guo Li The Emperor Support Role
Yu Rong Guang Ming Wang Support Role
Huang Hai Bing Zhang Dan Feng Main Role
Sun Fei Fei Princess Jing Main Role
Han Cecilia Tantai Jing Ming Main Role
Fan Bing Bing Yun Lei Main Role
Zhang Jia Yi Zhang Feng Fu Main Role
Huang Xiao Ming Prince of Ming Guest Role
Kang Kai Eighteenth Ranger Guest Role