Hide and Seek (2018)


Drama , Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 40

8.1 4581 10 0


The drama explores the fate of the heiress to the nation's largest cosmetics conglomerate, and a woman who had to live that life in her stead, as well as the desires and secrets surrounding the two women. 


Jung Hye Sun Na Hae Geum Support Role
Yoon Joo Sang Moon Tae San Support Role
Jo Mi Ryung Park Hae Ran Support Role
Lee Jong Won Min Joon Sik Support Role
Ahn Bo Hyun Baek Do Hyun Support Role
Seo Joo Hee Do Hyun Sook Support Role
Yoon Da Kyung General Manager Kim Support Role
Choi Hee Jin Ha Dong Joo Support Role
Lee Won Jong Jo Pil Doo Support Role
Lee Yong Nyeo Buddhist Choi Support Role
Kim Hye Ji Ha Geum Joo Support Role
Kim Young Min Moon Jae Sang Main Role
Lee Yoo Ri Min Chae Rin Main Role
Uhm Hyun Kyung Ha Yeon Joo Main Role
Song Chang Eui Cha Eun Hyuk Main Role

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Drama , Drama , Romance , Korean