His (2020)
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His (2020)


Drama , Drama , Family , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 40

7.6 78 10 0


High school students, Shun and Nagisa first meet and fall in love with each other during their first year. Years later around the time Shun is about to graduate from university, Nagisa tells him that he can't see a future with him. They make the decision to break up despite Shun’s still strong feelings. Years later, Shun lives alone in a rural area, working as the owner of his own store. But what happens when Nagisa unexpectedly shows up with his 6-year-old daughter Sora, and Shun still harbours feelings for Nagisa. As they begin spending time with each other, can Nagisa accept the feelings he knows have been there all along.


Negishi Toshie Support Role
Nakamura Kumi Support Role
Suzuki Keiichi Support Role
Sotomura Sakura Support Role
Matsumoto Honoka Support Role
Toda Keiko Support Role
Horibe Keisuke Support Role
Matsumoto Wakana Support Role
Fujiwara Kisetsu Main Role
Miyazawa Hio Main Role
Atsushi Asada Unknown Role
Imaizumi Rikiya Unknown Role


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