Hospital Playlist (2020)

Wise Doctor Life, Seulkirowoon Uisasaenghwal, Doctor Playbook, Smart Doctor Living, A Wise Doctor's Life, Secret Doctor's Life, 슬기로운 의사 생활

Drama , Drama , Friendship , Life , Medical , Korean | Episodes 12+

8.7 9505 10 0


This drama is planned for three seasons. It’s about 5 doctors who all attended the same medical school in 1999 are now friends and work together at the same hospital.



Moon Tae Yu Support Role
Ha Yoon Kyung Support Role
Yoon Hye Ri Support Role
Yang Jo Ah Support Role
Choi Young Woo Support Role
Shin Do Hyun Support Role
Ahn Eun Jin Support Role
Lee Ji Hoon Support Role
Jo Yi Hyun Support Role
Kim Hye In Support Role
Kim Soo Jin Support Role
Jung Moon Sung Support Role
Bae Hyun Sung Support Role
Shin Hyun Bin Support Role
Kim Joon Han Support Role
Kim Gab Soo Support Role
Kim Hae Sook Support Role
Jeon Mi Do Song Hwa Main Role
Yoo Yeon Seok Jung Won Main Role
Jo Jung Suk Ik Joon Main Role
Kim Dae Myung Suk Hyung Main Role
Jung Kyung Ho Joon Wan Main Role
Go Ah Ra Guest Role
Lee Woo Jung Unknown Role
Shin Won Ho Unknown Role

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Trailer Hospital Playlist

Drama , Drama , Friendship , Life , Medical , Korean

  • Trailer Hospital Playlist
  • Trailer Hospital Playlist