Hotarugusa (2019)


Drama , Drama , Historical , Japanese | Episodes 7

8.7 37 10 0


Nana is a servant of the Kazahaya family, She is from a samurai family. Her father was about to reveal wrongdoings within the domain but had to commit ritual suicide for a crime he hadn't done. Ichinoshin tries to correct the wrongdoings, but end up being a target himself. After finding out her father's enemy is the man behind it all, Nana decides to protect Ichinoshin and his children, as she had promised Sachi, Ichinoshin's late wife.


Matsuo Satoru Support Role
Matsudai Koya Support Role
Issey Ogata Support Role
Takada Sho Support Role
Achiwa Satomi Support Role
Kariya Shunsuke Support Role
Nakahara Takeo Support Role
Ishibashi Renji Support Role
Nakayama Masei Support Role
Nozoe Yoshihiro Support Role
Omiya Taro Support Role
Ukaji Takashi Support Role
Hamada Mari Support Role
Honda Hirotaro Support Role
Minamisawa Nao Support Role
Anan Kenji Support Role
Nakamura Ikuji Support Role
Okunuki Kaoru Support Role
Kiyohara Kaya Main Role
Kitamura Yukiya Main Role
Machida Keita Main Role
Tanimura Mitsuki Main Role
Watanabe Mutsuki Unknown Role
Moriwaki Kyoko Unknown Role
Mayuzumi Rintaro Unknown Role



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