House of the Disappeared (2017)
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House of the Disappeared (2017)

Shiganwiui Jib, House Above Time, 시간위의 집

Drama , Horror , Mystery , Thriller , Korean | 100 Mins

7.8 562 10 0


Mi-Hee was an ordinary housewife, married to Chul-Joong and having a son. Suddenly, her husband died and her son went missing at their house, so Mi-Hee was imprisoned for the past 25 years. She is now released from prison and goes back to the home where everything took place.


Kim Yoon Jin Mi Hee Main Role
Jo Jae Yun Chul Joong Main Role
Ok Taec Yeon Priest Choi Main Role
Park Jun Myun [Shaman] Supporting Role
Kim Hyun [Previous house owner] Supporting Role
Lee Han Wi Supporting Role
Yoo In Young Guest Role

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Drama , Horror , Mystery , Thriller , Korean