I Can See Your Voice: Season 7 (2020)

너의 목소리가 보여

Drama , Kshow , Music , Korean | Episode 10

8.1 905 10 0


I Can See Your Voice” is a mystery music game show. The guest artist(s) must attempt to guess between six contestants who are 'good singers' (skilled vocalists) and 'bad singers' (tone-deaf vocalists) without hearing them sing. If the winner is a 'good singer', they will win a chance to release the song alongside the guest artist(s) as a digital single. If the winner is a 'bad singer', they receive ₩5,000,000 ($4,500). 


Hong Jin Young (Ep. 2) Guest
Kim Sang Hyuk Tone-deaf Detective Regular Member
Seo Kyung Suk Tone-deaf Detective Regular Member
Oh Seung Hee Tone-deaf Detective Guest
Park Joong Hoon (Ep. 1) Guest
Heo Kyung Hwan Tone-deaf Detective Guest
DinDin Tone-deaf Detective Regular Member
Kim Jong Kook Main Host
Yoo Se Yoon Main Host
Hong Yoon Hwa Tone-deaf Detective Guest
Lee Teuk Main Host