I Will Find You a Better Home (2020)


Drama , Business , Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 53

8.3 1664 10 0


29-year old Fang Si Jin loves herself. She is a woman who sells houses, the regional manager of a famous real estate company. In a turn of events, she is sent to deal with one of their chain stores, which has been suffering from declining sales. The manager of that store is Xu Wen Dao, a "nobleman" who is kind and can't bear to fire his underperforming employees. Fang Si Jin sees such benevolence as weak and useless. She manages to save the store using her cold, ruthless methods, but it loses its warm, inviting atmosphere. Fang Si Jin and Xu Wen Dao constantly butt heads over their different philosophies. 


Zhang Alina Zhang Cheng Cheng Support Role
Guo Tao Kan Wen Tao Support Role
Sun Jia Yu Zhu Shan Shan Support Role
Wang Zi Jian Wang Zi Jian Support Role
Sun Yan Fang Si Jin [Young] Support Role
Hu Ke Feng Chun Hua Support Role
Tian Lei Lou Shan Guan Support Role
Zhang Xiao Qian Yu Hua Long Support Role
Yang Hao Yu Xie Ting Feng Support Role
Sun Betty Fang Si Jin Main Role
Luo Jin Xu Wen Chang Main Role
An Jian Unknown Role