Ice Fantasy (2016)

Huan Cheng, Fantasy City, 幻城

Drama , Historical , Melodrama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 62

7.9 2202 10 0


When the second prince of the Fire Tribe, was mysteriously killed during his visit to the Ice Tribe, the Fire King Huo Yi finally has an excuse to start the second war between the Fire Tribe and Ice Tribe. With their parents captured and older siblings killed, the two remaining Ice Princes Ka Suo and Ying Kong Shi escape to the mortal world and seek help from realm guardian Li Luo. After the Fire Tribe was defeated, Ka Suo reluctantly battles his brother for the throne, but he wants nothing more than to be with his lover Li Luo. Ying Kong Shi does everything in his power to take the throne away from Ka Suo to grant him freedom, while Yan Da is willing to give up everything for Shi. Then, Ka Suo's loved ones all die off one by one under the conspiracies of Yuan Ji and Lian Ji, and he is determined to find the legendary "veiled lotus". A war between the Ice and Fire Tribe commences again as Huo Yi gains a strong new ally.


Feng William Ka Suo / She Mi Main Role
Ma Tian Yu Ying Kong Shi / Luo Tian Jin Main Role
Zhang Alina Yan Da Main Role
Memet Vicky Lan Shang Main Role
Hu Bing Huo Yi "Flame" Main Role
Song Victoria Li Luo Main Role
Gong Beibi Ice Queen Supporting Role
Xu Ke Xing Jiu Supporting Role
Chen Maggie Chao Ya Supporting Role
Huang Francis Qin Chu Supporting Role
Lu Zi Zhen Luna Supporting Role
Li Sheng Qian Ying Supporting Role
Wu You Die Che Supporting Role
Gong Daniel Qing Ren Supporting Role
Huang Sheng Chi Supporting Role
Kim Hee Sun Lian Ji "Lotus" Supporting Role
Wang Duo Huang Tuo Supporting Role
Xu Jiao Xing Gui Supporting Role
Zhang Yu Jian Pian Feng Supporting Role
Shen Hai Rong Mermaid Diety Supporting Role
Qin Yong Lu Zhao Supporting Role
Zhang Zi Mu Yan Huang Supporting Role
Ji Zi Han Li Luo [Young] Supporting Role
Fan Kris Chi Mo Supporting Role
Shao Bing Ice King Supporting Role
Cheng Pei Pei Feng Tian Supporting Role
Zhang Zi Wen Zhu Gong Supporting Role
Wang Yu Ji Quan Supporting Role
Yang Xin Le Que Supporting Role
Liu Dong Qin Liao Jian Supporting Role
Shu Ashin Shuo Gang Supporting Role
Wang Yu Ji Quan Supporting Role
Luo Jin Shang Lie Supporting Role
Yan Kevin Yuan Ji Guest Role
Jiang Chao Xin Jue Guest Role
Zhang Xin Yi Spirit of Lotus Guest Role
Wang Tian Ye Hei Feng Guest Role
Bian Jia Wei Shu Yao Unknown Role

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Drama , Historical , Melodrama , Romance , Chinese